It has never been easier to launch a competition at Throwdowns. You can create a competition, setup up programming and registration, collect deposits with Stripe, and request to publish your competition in as little as 5 minutes.

In order to create a competition, you will have to be logged into a Throwdowns account

Once logged in, you will be at your competition dashboard. From here, you can manage your competitions, view key metrics that matter to you, and, most importantly, create new competitions. Press the “Add competition” button to begin the competition creation process.

There are four major steps to creating a competition:

  1. Initial Setup: The very first thing you will do is setup your competition name, the type of competition (online or on-site), location, date, and your competition landing page photo. Our setup guide will walk you through each phase to make this process super easy.

  2. Programming Setup: In this section, you will set up your workouts, divisions, and scoring policies. There is a lot of customization here, such as adding your own workout/division descriptions, setting division registration limits, adjusting scoring policies and tiebreaker settings, and much more. 

  3. Registration Setup: This section will be where you set the registration period, registration fees, currency, and registration description. Like the other sections, we will walk you through each option.

  4. Payments Setup: The deposits section is where you will connect or create your Stripe account in order to collect payments from registering athletes. 

Once those steps are complete, pressing “Launch!” will send your competition to us so that we can review it and ensure everything is looking perfect. Once approved, your competition will be live and public for the world to see!

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