Custom fields are extra questions you can ask your users during registration. We offer several different options, ranging from free response to multiple choice formats. You can also stipulate whether a field is "Required" in order for an athlete to complete registration.

To get to the Custom Fields tab from the competition dashboard:

  1. Select the “Manage” button on the competition you want to add/modify custom fields for.

  2. Select the "Advanced" tab in the side bar.

  3. Select "Custom fields" sub-tab in the side bar. 

From here, you will see all the custom fields you have created for the competition. You can create a new one by selecting the "Add Field" button. 

Doing so will bring you to the custom fields editor, where you can adjust the presentation and details of your custom field. We offer a preview of the field as well, so you know exactly what it will look like when presented to your athletes.

Need to view athlete custom field responses? Check out this article: Exporting athlete registration information 

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