If you are looking to do an online qualifier, or if your competition will be done off-site with scores submitted by athletes, then you will want to make sure your competition is formatted to be "online".

To change your competition settings to be "online": 

  1. From the competition dashboard, select the “Manage” button on the competition you want to activate online scoring for.

  2. Select the "Marketing" tab in the side bar.

  3. Select the "Setup" sub-tab.

  4. From here you should see the "Online Scoring" checkbox as the bottom on the page.

  5. Check the box and save your changes.

Online competitions open up the Online Scoring sub-tab in the Marketing tab, where you can edit multiple details about online score submission. Be sure to go here after setting your competition online to ensure the open/close dates for scoring and instructions for online score submissions are correct.

Need to set online scoring submissions times? Check out this article:
Setup open/close periods for online score submission

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