Coupons are a great way to package promotional discounts for your marketing efforts. You can use them to encourage registrations with promotions such as "Early Bird specials" (with a discount for athletes who sign-up early in your registration period) or to provide free entry for certain people (by creating a coupon code to cover the entire price of admission but only sharing with specific people to whom you'd like to give free admission).

To create coupons:

  1. Select "Manage" for the competition you want to add coupons for.

  2. Select the "Advanced" tab in the left side panel.

  3. Select the "Coupons" sub-tab.

  4. Select "Add Coupon" button.

This will then open up the Coupon editor where you can enter the details of your coupon, such as:

  • Coupon Code: This is the code that users will need to enter at checkout to receive the discount.

  • Discount: How much the discount will be and whether it is a percentage off or a specific amount off.

  • Number Available: How many coupons can be redeemed. Once this limit is hit, users will no longer be able to redeem the coupon.

  • Expiration: The date when the coupon expires. Past this date, users will no longer be able to redeem the coupon.

  • Divisions: You can select what division(s) you want this discount code to be applicable for.  You can use division-targeted coupons to promote your competition to particular groups of athletes, for instance Women Rx.

Once you have specified the details of your coupon, hit the Add button.  Your coupon is now available for athletes to use to register for your competition.  For example, here's how a 100% discount coupon with the coupon code "HACKITFREE" might appear once you've created it for a "Can You Hack It?" competition:

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