A major part of running a competition is managing and displaying a leaderboard. Your Throwdowns hosted competition provides you with leaderboard functionality that makes it easy to preview the current status of the leaderboard before it goes live, and officially publish it to share the results with your athletes, judges, and spectators.

You can preview and share your leaderboards by: 

  1. Selecting “Score Entry” from the competition dashboard.

  2. Then select the division for which you would like to preview or share your leaderboard (for instance "Men Scaled" in the included examples).

  3. Click "Preview Leaderboard" to see how the leaderboard will appear on your public competition site.

   4.  Click "Published Leaderboard" to copy the leaderboard's public link and/or Export the leaderboard as a CSV file.

Once you publish a leaderboard, it will visible to all users from your competition landing page. 

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