The first step to participating in an event is to register for it. Every Throwdowns hosted event has a public homepage.  A competition organizer often shares this competition page link with you through social media or email.

At the landing page, you can register for the event by clicking on the "Register Now" button near the top right of the page.

This will open up the registration form, where you will select your division and fill in all the event specific questions. This includes being able to add custom hashtags to your registration, so users can find you on the leaderboard.

Note: If you are not logged into a Strongest account when you hit the "Register Now" button, you will be prompted to either login or create an account. You have to have a Strongest account in order to register for the event.

Once all of that is filled out, you will be prompted to enter your credit/debit card information and accept the waiver associated with the event. Please review all the registration information before you hit the final "Submit" button, as this will finalize your registration and process the payment.

After the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation message both in the app, as well as through email.

If you are registering for a competition that is invitation only, you will be unable to register for the event unless you use a link from special email sent by the organizer. If you have an invite and are unable to register, please trying clicking the link in the email and attempt registering from there.

To find a new competition to compete in, please see the related article "Find a new competition".

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