Registration price is the amount of money you are charging users to register for a division.

When you are creating a competition you will come to a "How much does it cost to register?" screen as part of the registration wizard.

You can specify the fee you'd like to charge for each of your competition's divisions on this screen.  Be certain you select the correct "Preferred Currency" at the top of this screen, too, before continuing to the next part of the wizard.

Alternatively, if you would like to change the registration fee for one or more divisions after you have already created the competition, you may do so by:

  1. Clicking "Manage" on the competition from your account page

  2. Selecting "Registration"

  3. Clicking on "Fees" and specifying the new registration fee for each division you'd like to change, being sure to "Save" when you are done with your changes

Note: the registration prices you set do not include any Throwdowns or credit card fees that the athlete may have at checkout.

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