Athletes should be able to register for your competition if you have "launched" it (aka published it) and the registration period is currently open.

Go through the following checklist to make sure everything is set up correctly:

  1. Please verify you have successfully launched your competition via the directions in the related article "Create a competition".

  2. Verify your competition registration period is currently open by following the directions in "Setup open/close period of registration" to confirm that the "Registration Opens" date and time have already occurred and that the "Registration Closes" date and time have not yet been reached.

  3. If your registration period is not currently open, select appropriate new "Registration Opens" and/or "Registration Closes" dates and then click "Save".

  4. Athletes should now be able to register for your competition.

If you have athletes who are still struggling to register, please have them send us a message at or through the chat-box in the bottom right of the screen while in the app. We can assist them in registering!

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