Customize my competition landing page

How do I add descriptions, pictures, video, and details to my competition landing page?

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Your landing page is arguably the most important page for you competition! It is the first impression you will make to potential athletes and should provide all the necessary information someone would need to know about your event.

The landing page description editor allows you to add a lot of  customization to your landing page, including the addition of bulleted lists, pictures, and even video.

In order to customize the description of your competition landing page from the competition dashboard:

  1. Select the “Manage” button on the competition you want to customize the landing page for.

  2. Select the  "Marketing" button in the left side tab.

  3. Select the "Content" button in the left sub-tab.

There should now be a content editor you can use to type in the description of your competition, insert pictures or video, and more.

For customizing the color scheme and thematics of your landing page to match your organization's branding, check out this article.

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