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Help for "My account is inactive" error message
Help for "My account is inactive" error message

What do I do if I get the "My account is inactive" message when trying to log in?

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This error message occurs when an account has been made in the Throwdowns system, but has not been confirmed/activated.

If you are seeing this message at login for your account, please go to the email inbox associated with your account and search for an email from Throwdowns titled "Welcome to Throwdowns". 

Once the "Finish Signup & Login" button is pressed, your account will be activated and you should be logged in. 

If you can not find the activation email, simply go back to the login page and attempt to login with the email and password you have already set. This will resend the activation email to your associated account, as seen in the picture below.

Need to reset your password instead? Read this article: "Resetting my password"

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