Change an athlete's division

How do I reassign a registered athlete from one division to another?

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Registered athlete information including their division, leaderboard name, athlete name, the date they registered, and charges can be seen from the “Registrants” tab of a competition.

While viewing your competition, you can change an athlete's division by:

  1. Clicking the “Registrants” tab under the “Management” subsection. From this view, your various divisions will populate the subsections. 

  2. Selecting the current division of the athlete whose division you want to change.

  3. Clicking the “Change Division” button in the row of the athlete you want to update the name for, then selecting the new division from the list of options that appears below.  This reassigns the athlete to the new division.

Note: Any scores that were submitted for the athlete will carry over to the new division they were moved to. 

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