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Finding athlete shirt sizes
Finding athlete shirt sizes

Where are my athlete shirt sizes?

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Shirt sizes for all registered athletes are available when you "Request an Export" from the Registrants tab of your competition.

While managing your competition:

  1. Click the “Registrants” tab under the “Management” subsection. From this view, your various divisions will populate the subsections. 

  2. Select any division from the list shown (all divisions are exported in one CSV export operation, so it does not matter which division you select in this step).

  3. Click "Request an Export" at the upper right.

  4. Check your email - the CSV download will be sent to the email address associated to your Strongest account.

  5. From your email - open the CSV using your favorite spreadsheet software. Shirt sizes for your athlete registrants are listed in the "T-Shirt Size" column (see the example below, where athlete "Demo Athlete" has specified they want a Mens Medium shirt).

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