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Athletes are unable to register for a published competition
Athletes are unable to register for a published competition

Why can no one register for my published competition?

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Athletes should be able to register for your competition if you have "launched" it (aka published it) and the registration period is currently open.

Follow these steps, to check it:

  1. Verify you published your competition:

    • In the list of your competitions, next to the published ones will write. Published, and next to the unpublished ones Set Programming.

    • If your competition is unpublished, finish programming and publish it.

  2. Verify your competition registration period is currently open:

    1. Open the competition Dashboard.

    2. Select Registration > Dates.

    3. Verify dates and times and click Save.

If the registration period is open, and athletes still can’t register, please ask them for a screenshot of the specific error message they may see on the screen before contacting us through the in-app support chat.

Without sufficient relevant context, we may not have enough information to resolve the matter.

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