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How do I create new divisions?

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You can create new divisions for your competition in the "Programming" section of your competition dashboard.

While managing your competition:

  1. Select “Programming” and then click on “Divisions”.

  2. You will see your existing competition divisions, such as "Women Scaled" in the example above, listed in the order they were created. You can drag and drop the order of these divisions using the icon to the left of the division names.

  3. To create a new division, click on "+ Add Division" towards the upper right (circled in red in the example shown above).

  4. This opens a form (pictured below) which you can use to set the various details of your division.

  5. Make your selections, then click "Save" to create your new division.

There are five settings that can be adjusted for divisions

  • Division Name: This is the name of your division. It will appear on the competition landing page and multiple places in the app.

  • Division Description: This field allows you to create a custom description for the division page. Many organizers fill this area with details regarding the division, such as the division standards (Rx vs Scaled). 

  • Team Size: Team size determines the total number of participants in the registration. Every team member has to provide an athlete name and email address. 

  • Max Registrations: This is the total number of registrations allowed for this division. Once this number is hit, the division is "Sold Out" and users will no longer be able to register for it.

  • Division Type: You can specify whether the division is for Athlete, Volunteer, or Spectator registrations. Volunteer and Spectator divisions do not create scoring tables or leaderboards and do not appear under Divisions on your competition landing page.

  • Leaderboard Policy: This determines how this division should be scored on the leaderboard. See this article for help choosing scoring policies by division.

  • Leaderboard Tie Policy: You can choose how ties are broken (or not) with this option.

You can create as many or as few divisions as you like. Every Athlete division that is created get it's own leaderboard and scoring table, so keep that in mind as you organize your event!

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