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How do I create new workouts?

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You can create new workouts for your competition in the "Programming" section of your competition dashboard.

While managing your competition:

  1. Select “Programming” and then click on “Workouts”.

  2. You will see your existing workouts, such as "Karen" and "1RM Snatch" in the example above, listed in the order they were created. You can drag and drop the order of these workouts using the icon to the left of the workout names.

  3. To create a new workout, click on "+ Add Workout" towards the upper right (circled in red in the example shown above).

  4. This opens a form (pictured below) which you can use to set the various details of your workout.

  5. Fill out the form, then click "Save" to create your new workout.

Workouts have three settings that can be edited:

  • Workout Name: This is the name of the workout that will appear on the competition splash page and on the leaderboards.

  • Workout Description:  This is an optional description of the workout. Many organizers use this space to provide the standards for the workouts, and often include a video/picture showing the workout being performed

  •  Release Time: This is the date and time the workout will be revealed publicly to athletes on the landing page. Workouts that have not reached/passed their release time will show as "TBA Workout" on the landing page and will not appear on the leaderboard or the scoring table

Remember, you can always go back and edit your workouts! If you aren't sure on the number of workouts you are going to have or what exactly the standards will be, make a single workout and set its release date to the competition day. This will make your landing page look more professional and ensure that your fans know workouts haven't been determined yet. 

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