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Set workout scoring policies
Set workout scoring policies

How do I set scoring policies for each workout in my competition?

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To execute a successful competition, you must have your workout policies correctly set up by workout and by division.

To specify your preferred scoring policy for a workout:

  1. Navigate to the "Dashboard" of your competition

  2. Select "Programming"

  3. Select "Workouts"

  4. Select the division you'd like to work on (scoring policies by workout can be different by division)

  5. Toggle to "Scoring" from "Content"

  6. Select your scoring policy for the chosen division - this is also where you can add tiebreak policies

  7. Save your changes

To publish your workout for public viewing:

  1. Toggle back to "Content" from "Scoring"

  2. Update the date and time for the workout release

    1. Note: this is just the date/time that details will become viewable. If you are running an online competition, this is different from setting the workout score submission period.

  3. Save your changes

For more information on different options for scoring policies by division, please read the related article "Choosing your scoring policies".

Check out this article if you need to update score submission deadlines for online competitions.

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