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How do I setup and share my athlete profile?

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Your athlete profile provides information on you, your background, and your affiliations.  Your profile includes a public URL that you can share with friends and is linked to any leaderboard you are a listed on. You can include your social media accounts to your profile as well so other athletes and spectators can connect with you!

To create your athlete profile:

  1. Select "Profile Settings" from your Account Settings page (circled in red).

  2. Fill in your preferred Username.  Your username will uniquely identify your profile and appears in your custom profile link.  You must specify a username, then you can add additional profile information.

  3. You can upload and crop a profile picture.  Your profile picture will appear on your profile page and whenever your profile is shown on leaderboards.

  4. Your First/Last Name is used to identify you and will auto-fill in certain fields when you go to register for competitions.

  5. You can specify Gender if you wish.

  6. You should enter a bio in the About Me section, and include any social media profiles you have where indicated.  This will make it easier for the community, organizers, and spectators to learn more about you, and to follow or contact you via social media.  A good profile and social handles can greatly increase how much value you can get from your athlete profile!

  7. Selecting a Country and Affiliate lets you display your country's flag and the box/gym you workout at next to your profile on leaderboards.

  8. Click the Save button.

Once you have filled out all the fields and hit Save, you can scroll back up and copy your Profile Link. You can share and paste this link anywhere you like, giving others access to your public profile page.

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