Selling Spectator Tickets

How do I create, manage and sell spectator tickets for my competition?

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Fitness competitions aren't just about athletes. Your spectators are a significant aspect and revenue source for your event. Providing a great experience for your spectators is key to making a "good" competition become "great". That experience starts with buying and redeeming Spectator Tickets.

Creating your Tickets

The first step to launching your spectator tickets is to create them. Our Ticketing tab allows you to customize and create spectator tickets that can be purchased straight from your public competition landing page. 

From this tab, you can control configuration settings such as the price and quantity of your tickets, customize content that is displayed on the ticket purchase page, and set the dates at which your tickets are available for purchase. 


This sub-tab is where all your tickets are created and customized. For each ticket, you can set the Ticket Name, Ticket Description, Price, and Quantity. Every ticket option you create will be displayed on your ticket purchase page.


This sub-tab is where you can customize the message that your spectators will see when they arrive at your ticket purchase page. The content field accepts text, links, images, and even videos, so feel free to get creative. 


This sub-tab is where you can set the open and close dates for tickets purchase. The Tickets Purchase page will not be accessible outside of these open/close dates, so be sure to set this setting before announcing your tickets are live!

Ticket Purchase Page

Once you have created your tickets and are within the open/close date period, a Tickets button will appear on your competition landing page. This page is where your ticket options are displayed and ultimately purchased by your spectators. 

Once a user buys a ticket, they will be able to view their purchased tickets from this same page while they are logged into their Strongest account. They will also receive an email receipt as additional proof of their purchase.

Redeeming and Viewing Purchased Tickets

Each ticket that is purchased comes with a printable QR code that makes it easy for your door-staff to quickly process tickets and review which tickets have and have not been redeemed. To redeem a ticket, your door staff will need to download a QR code scanning app (we recommend this for iOS) and have a Strongest account.

Through the shareable Spectators tab (in the management list of your competition dashboard), you can see all tickets that have been sold, review which tickets have and haven't been redeemed, and quickly troubleshoot issues if someone forgot their ticket. Each column in this view is sortable, and includes a filter in case your need to find a specific email or ticket ID.

This view can be shared securely with your door-staff using the provided link in the Ticket Links sub-tab.

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