Heat Scheduling 101: Why?

Getting started with Scheduling

Written by Weezy Shumaker
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Building your heat schedule, whether you've run one competition or one hundred, is inherently painful. We know, because we've done it.

You have to utilize spreadsheets to manage the who, what and where of a complex event with many moving parts and people. Among the things you need to solve and build for:

  • How many athletes do you have registered and how many heats will that require?

  • Are your workouts the right length for the number of athletes you have? Can you run all of them in a reasonable day of competition?

  • What transition time do you need between heats, divisions and events?

  • How do you seed and re-seed your heats to ensure that the most competitive athletes are in the final heat?

  • Is there enough time in the day to make it all fit and flow so that athletes, volunteers and spectators want to come back next year?

  • Once your schedule is built, how do you ensure that the heat sheets and scorecards labels match? What if something changes?

  • And, perhaps most importantly, how do you get this information to everyone who needs to know?

And - once it's built, that doesn't mean it's done. If any one thing has to change, such as a workout start time, a time-cap or the number of lanes available in a workout, you will have tedious changes to make. And that's without getting into re-seeding your heats for multi-day competitions, after a long day of competition...

We've helped thousands of event organizers power amazing competitions, which means we have seen all of these pain points firsthand. To solve for this, we built the most robust heat scheduler available. It builds your heat schedule and gives you the tools to seamlessly maintain it so you can throw an amazing competition that gets the right information to the people who need it.

You can save yourself all of the pain of building and maintaining the schedule - which is really the framework for your successful live event - in a few easy steps. We'll go over all of these, one step at a time, in our <<Heat Scheduling Help Center>>.

  • Setting the time and place of events easily, even across multiple days and venues

  • Assigning the order of divisions and workouts

  • Lane assignments and re-seeds with the push of a single button (yes, really!)

  • One-click generation, distribution and printing of heat sheets and scorecard labels

  • How to painlessly maintain your schedule as your competition unfolds

Check out our Heat Scheduling help center for more on setting up your competition schedule.

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