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How do I add extra transition time?
How do I add extra transition time?

Add additional transition time between your divisions and/or workouts.

Written by Weezy Shumaker
Updated over a week ago

After you have added your days of competition and stages, you can put your workouts in order by division and add additional transition time between workouts and/or divisions.

From your organizer dashboard, select "Scheduling" followed by "Time Blocks". To add a time block, select "Add" from within the day and stage you want to add a workout to.

The below window will pop up. Drag a division/workout combination over to the right column and assign a start time for the first heat.

Save your time block, and then add your next time block with the appropriate start time depending on the transition time you need between divisions or workouts.

Save your progress - your schedule now shows both time blocks. Repeat the process for all your divisions/workouts. In the example provided, we've added a 10-minute transition between divisions of Karen.

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