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How do I set up online score submission for teams?
How do I set up online score submission for teams?

Decide how to score and configure online score submissions for a team competition or qualifier.

Written by Weezy Shumaker
Updated over a week ago

Setting up your preferences for team online score submissions provides flexibility to collect and aggregate scores as you wish.

First, you need to make sure that your workouts are set up and online scoring is on.

If you want to change how online scores are collected and scored for team events, you can do so in the “Online Scoring” sub-tab under the “Programming” tab.

To get to the “Online Scoring” tab from the competition dashboard:

  1. Click the “Manage” button on the competition you want to set/edit registration times for

  2. Click the “Programming” tab in the sidebar.

  3. Click the “Online Scoring” tab in sidebar.

  4. Select the workout you'd like to configure.

  5. Scroll down to underneath the open/close calendar to see Team Scoring Options.

Here, you can choose if the Team Captain (the person who registered the team) will be responsible for entering all the team members' scores, and how those scores should be treated - whether summed, highest only, lowest only, or averaged.

Make sure to select "Save" once you're happy with the changes made.

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