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How do teams submit scores for an online competition?
How do teams submit scores for an online competition?

Preview team scoring for an online competition.

Written by Weezy Shumaker
Updated over a week ago

After you have set-up team scoring for an online competition, you may want to preview or provide your athletes guidance on how to log scores.

Once scoring is open, athletes will see a "Submit Score" button on the homepage of your competition.

Note: if a team is registered for a competition and does not see the Submit Score button (and scoring is open), they are not logged in to the account linked to their registration. Please have them log-in.

If you've configured Team Captains to log all teammates' scores, they will be able to enter scores one teammate at a time by selecting the workout, then the athlete name they want to enter a score for.

They'll enter their score(s), one athlete at a time, by clicking on athlete name. You will set up all the information that is collected in online scoring setup.

Once they've entered their score(s), the scores will combine based on how you configured online team scoring. Athletes will be able to withdraw and re-submit scores anytime in the scoring window from this score submission screen, too.

Note: this display shows what a score submission page would look like if "Sum athlete scores" was selected as the aggregate for teammates.

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