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How do I refund multiple athletes for an event cancellation or reschedule?

Written by Weezy Shumaker
Updated over a week ago

You may need to issue multiple refunds in the case of an event cancellation or reschedule.

If you are linked up with us on Stripe and need to issue a refund, you must first ensure that Daily Payouts are not enabled in Stripe*. We are unable to issue refunds for anyone with daily payouts, because no funds will ever accrue in your Stripe dashboard to issue refunds from. Check out this article if you need help adding funds to your Stripe dashboard.

Once you've confirmed that daily payouts are turned off and you have funds in your Stripe dashboard, please get in touch with us via Intercom (the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of any Strongest screen) or email to let us know you need to issue refunds. Once we've enabled refunds for your event, you will have a "Transactions" tab from within your management dashboard. Find and select "Transactions". From there, find the athlete who needs a refund. In the far right, you can select to refund the full amount or a partial amount (circled in red in the screenshot below).

*For us to be able to issue a refund on your behalf, you must have payouts set to either manual, weekly, or monthly. Daily Payouts will not ever accrue a balance in Stripe, which is necessary for us to issue refunds on your behalf. You can check your Payout schedule by:

  1. Visiting your Stripe dashboard

  2. Select settings in the upper right hand corner

  3. Select "External payout accounts and scheduling" (circled in red in the first screenshot)

  4. Editing payouts to weekly, monthly, or manual payouts

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