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How do I add funds to my Stripe dashboard so I can issue refunds?

Written by Weezy Shumaker
Updated over a week ago

To issue a refund or refunds, you will need to have funds in your Stripe dashboard. If your Stripe dashboard does not have funds, you will need to add them to issue refunds.

Within your Stripe Dashboard, there are specific instructions for adding funds (initiated as a wire transfer from your bank). Once the funds are back in Stripe and reflected on your Stripe balance, we can help you through the rest of the process.

To add funds, open your Stripe dashboard and select "Balances," highlighted in blue in the screenshot below.

Then, select to add funds to refunds and disputes.

The next screen displayed will show you wire transfer details unique to your Stripe dashboard. Our details are obscured in the screenshot so that you don't mistakenly send your funds to our Stripe dashboard.

Once your wire transfer has been completed and funds are in your Stripe dashboard, you will show a balance. At this point, we can help you issue refund(s).

Until your Stripe dashboard shows a positive balance, we will be unable to assist with processing refunds.

If you are unable to add funds to your Stripe dashboard, you will need to issue your athlete refunds an alternate way, such as PayPal or Venmo.

Once you have funds in your dashboard, check out this article for help issuing refunds.

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