How spectator tickets work

You've sold spectator tickets for entry to your event - now what?

Written by Weezy Shumaker
Updated over a week ago

If you'd like to generate additional revenue for your event or if you have a firm head-count you must respect, it may be in your best interest to offer Spectator tickets.

You can configure these within the "Ticketing" menu of your competition dashboard.

Spectators can purchase entry to your event on your splash page - if tickets are available, the link to purchase is directly below the registration button.

Anyone with spectator tickets will receive them two different ways:

  1. They will be emailed to the email address on file within the purchaser's Strongest account.

  2. They will show up in the purchaser's dashboard.

The Spectator can choose to use the digital QR code or print their tickets. Both options contain a QR code for scanning at the door entry.

You as the admin will need access to a device equipped with a QR reader application. We have used this app, but any QR reader of your preference will do.

Note: the event organizer must be signed into the device being used for QR reading for the next steps to work.

You will scan the spectator's ticket QR code. The ticket details will pop up, including the purchaser's name and the email address associated to the sale.

Select "Redeem".

You will notice that the screen now shows the redemption, as well as timestamp details for the redemption.

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