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Exporting athlete registration information
Exporting athlete registration information

How do I extract the data collected from registration (athlete names, charges, custom field responses, etc.)?

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At Strongest, we strive to keep all the data collected from your competition easy to manipulate and manage. As such, our software features an export tool that takes all your registration data for a competition and formats it nicely in a private Google sheet.

To export your registration data from the competition dashboard:

  1. Select the “Manage” button on the competition you want to extract registration data from.

  2. Select the "Registrants" tab in the side bar.

  3. Select any division and press the "Request an Export" option in the top right of the page.

  4. Your export will be sent to the email linked to your Strongest account with a link to download the file. The export is only good for 48 hours, after which point you would need to request a new export.

Currently, the export feature pulls all registration data from the competition, so it does not matter which division you prepare the export from.

Exporting registration data is perfect for managing custom field responses. Learn more about how to create customs fields for registration in this article: Add custom fields to registration form.

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