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Add athletes to the leaderboard
Add athletes to the leaderboard

How do I add registered athletes to my leaderboard?

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All registrants who register for your competition through the Strongest app will automatically appear in each divisional scoring table and leaderboard.

If you have athletes who did not register through the app, or you are adding the athletes manually, you can do so by going to the division's scoring table and typing in the name of the athlete's leaderboard name into a blank row. This will create a new row for the athlete and add their name to the competition.

If you want to add an athlete or team's full registration details rather than just their name on the leaderboard, they will need to register.

You can remove any manually input row by simply clearing the athlete name field. Caution: This will delete the entry and all scores associated with it.

To preview or publish your leaderboard, please see "Preview and publish leaderboards".

To bulk import athletes (such as in the case of running scoring only on the Strongest platform), please see "Import athletes into your competition."

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